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Collection: Complete Piano Whooshes Collection - 499 files (16)
499 whooshes, 16 collections for only $40. As the name says, piano whooshes were made with piano for the base of the sounds and the rest of the keyboards for the rest of the whooshes. In some moments these can sound creepy or very comic. It depends on the context. Enjoy.
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Collection: Complete Violins Whooshes Collection - 1056 files (25)
1056 violin whooshes in 26 collections.That is over a thousand sounds made from piercing strings and romantic violins. Awesomeness in its best suit. You can buy them one by one or collection by collection but this whole package is still the best deal ever!
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Collection: Complete Sci Fi Whooshes Whooshes Collection - 345 files (30)
Science Fiction collection - 345 whooshes from all 31 collections, now wrapped in one large super collection for less money. Science fiction whooshes have that space/alien/fly by moment covered, so any whooshing in space, this one is for you.
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Collection: Complete Water Whooshes Collection - 612 files (20)
612 whoosh sounds, 20 collections, with best liquefied or waterized (strange word) whooshes on the planet. I know I\'m not good in these descriptions and English is not my native language but I tend to be as accurate as I can in describing and naming my sound effects. And yet there are some whooshes in these water whooshes where liquid is hard to be heard. So listen to previews carefully, no refunds. Except if you ask for one :)
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Collection: Complete Bass Whooshes Collection - 1258 files (17)
1258 bass whooshes, 17 collections, for only $50 in this fantastic Complete Bass Whoosh pack. Low and fat basses in this collection. Sub end, rumbling basses, roaring low end, this collection got all of those. Just be sure to listen on some proper speakers :) And take care of them.
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Collection: Complete Horror And Halloween Whooshes - 381 file (25)
381 whooshes, 25 horror collections for only $40 in this horrific and terrifying Complete Horror and Halloween Whoosh pack. Whooshes to go to for any horror, creepy and eerie sound design. Horror games, scary movies, you tube paranormal videos and trailers, demonic, diabolical and evil looking scenarios, these whooshes got you covered. Or you can choose and pick individual packs, not a problem at all.
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Collection: Complete Musical Whooshes Collection - 294 files (15)
294 musical whooshes, 15 collections for only $30 in this Complete Musical Whoosh Pack. Various instruments were used in making these whooshes. From lush and long pads to nervous shakers and picky guitars. Awesomeness!
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Total: $290.00